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A Virtual Production Studio with LED volume in Great Vancouver, Richmond! Our studio – Upperland Studio is a brand launched by Focus Hairun Media and Focus Media Group. We serve over 500 companies in the Greater Vancouver area for a decade. We are committed to building a film production studio for the AI era, providing innovative and efficient services. By leveraging AI technology in hardware rental, studio build up, LED and Virtual Production, and etc.

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Address: 238 - 13880 Wireless Way
Richmond BC V6V 0A3


Phone: 604-723-4239 / 778-668-3566


Self-Media Content Production and Vlog

In this era of thriving self-media, we understand how creators want their voices to be heard.  Our professional LED wall studio will help you presenting your story in a budget and quick turn around. We also provide equipments to fit your production.

Story Collection and Presentation

Easily to shoot your short stories by using Upperland LED facility. Each story is a unique portrayal of different experiences, whether it’s the mundane aspects of life or life-changing moments. We look forward to hearing your story.

Film Production


We specialize in providing high-quality film stuido services that present your story in a unique manner.

Virtual Production and Media Creation

In addition to film production, we also offer virtual production and media creation equipment rental. Our virtual production facility and equipment allow your production to be showcased on higher level, whether it’s social media or online advertising – we deliver top-notch service.

Advertising Production


In our studio, your advertising production services can help your clinet’s brand or product gain more attention in the market.

MTV Production


Music is an integral part of our lives, and for this reason, you may provide high-quality MTV production services by using our studio.


Please contact our sales department for more information!

Contact Email:    Phone: 604-723-4239 / 778-668-3566

TV & Movie

Contents Creation

Studio Rental

News & Events


Extensive Industry Experience

Our parent company, Focus Media, has provided solutions and services for over 500 businesses in the Greater Vancouver area for a decade. This rich experience allows us to understand your demand and changes thoroughly, offering accurate and flaxible quote for clients.


We apply AI tools and technology broadly in every aspect of film production work flow, such as background generating, Virtual Production, concept design, etc. This enables us to help producer and director more idea to create high-quality content efficiently and quickly to meet the rapidly changing market demands.

Excellent Performance

We have successfully brought millions of profits growth for our clients, proving our services can deliver real commercial value and returns for businesses.

Full-Range Services

We offer a series of full-range rental services from stuido, LED wall to help build your contents of the LED screen.

Innovative Spirit

At Upperland Studio, we always stay at the forefront of technology, using the latest tools and technologies to improve our efficiency and quality. We are committed to innovation to meet client needs and expectations, driving our services and products forward continually.

Upperland Studio

Choosing Upperland Studio means choosing not only a service provider but also an experienced, tech-savvy, and innovative partner. We look forward to joining hands with you to create a better future.

Reasons to Choose Us

Rich industry experience: Our team service over 500 business in the Greater Vancouver area for a decade. Our professional team and rich industry experience provide you with a solid guarantee.
Film production in the AI era:  Upperland Studio is committed to building a film production studio for the AI era. We make full use of AI technology in all aspects of film production, such as background generation, concept design, production planning, etc.
Full range of services: Our rental services cover various fields such as film, photograhy, media, businesses, and social media creators. No matter what your needs are, we have the right solution.
Innovation: At Upperland Studio, we always stay at the forefront of technology, using the latest tools and techniques to improve our efficiency and quality. We’re dedicated to innovation, to provide the best possible service.
Choosing Upperland Studio means choosing professional, innovative, and efficient film stuido services. We look forward to creating a better future with you!


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